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Fund Management
25 November 2022

Brace For More Competition As China Loosens Funds Industry – Report

A report by the Boston-based firm examines the approach China is taking to rules governing its...

Fund Management
24 November 2022

Top Stock Picks – Quaero Capital

As investors face increasingly volatile markets, high inflation rates and geopolitical tensions, an...

Fund Management
10 November 2022

Credit Suisse Completes Supply-Chain Fund Liquidation

Three more of these funds remain to be liquidated. A Luxembourg fund is due to be wound up as soon...

Fund Management
8 November 2022

GAM Adds Asia, China Strategies To Senior Manager

The Zurich-listed investment house is reshuffling the control of some of its key strategies. ...

Fund Management
26 July 2022

Hedge Funds Fall In H1, But Buck Grim Market Performance

In the current climate, recent data adds to the debate on whether hedge funds justify their costs...

Fund Management
24 June 2022

BNY Mellon IM Taps Thailand Funds Market Potential

A number of international firms are tapping into the Thailand and wider Southeast Asian wealth...

Fund Management
21 June 2022

Investment Managers Outline Top Stock Picks

Global investment managers discuss the outlook and their investment philosophies at London’s...

Fund Management
24 May 2022

Long-Term Prospects Positive For China – Fund Manager

Alice Wang, portfolio manager at specialist fund manager Quaero Capital LLP, discusses the...

Fund Management
18 May 2022

Focus On Japan's Long-Term Promise

Amidst increasing global challenges, an investment business examines opportunities for making money...

Fund Management
24 February 2022

Rattled Investors Take Risk Off The Chinese Table – Report

A darkening of the economic and geopolitical clouds has prompted investors in bonds, stocks and...

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Fund Management
19 January 2021

Managers Hone 2021 Investment Opportunities

January is typically when fund managers post where opportunity is knocking in a year expected to...

Fund Management
22 July 2020

Is Asia’s Appetite For Sustainable Finance Up Or Down?

A push for climate finance to be mainstreamed and more guidance expected before the end of the year...

Fund Management
4 May 2020

EDITORIAL ANALYSIS: Will Funds Woo HNW Clients In Tough Times?

The drop in markets this year and prospects for sluggish growth even after lockdowns end will...

Fund Management
29 March 2016

GUEST ARTICLE: The Ascent Of Non-Fund Managers

Some regulation has made regulated fund structures less appealing for aspirant fund managers,...

Fund Management
9 November 2015

EXCLUSIVE GUEST ARTICLE: The Sometimes Overlooked Potential Of Asian Fixed Income

The head of Asian fixed income at AXA Investment Managers gives his views on the region's bond...