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14 May 2021

DBS Private Bank Unveils Digital Assets Trusts Offering

The offering is yet a further example of how the world of digital assets has gone increasingly...

Trust Estate
17 November 2020

Plan With Substance: Private Placement Life Insurance

Private placement life insurance has its place in wealth manager's armoury. However, how can it...

Trust Estate
11 November 2020

How Data Derails Digital Change In Trusts

Trust administrators face increasing pressure to use new digital technologies to support clients....

Trust Estate
1 September 2020

The "Flee Clause" And Trusts - How To Adjust When Trouble Strikes

The advent of global economic and regional political uncertainty has unsurprisingly brought about...

Trust Estate
30 March 2020

Trusts: Upheavals And Innovations

A senior international figure in the trusts sector, with a close understanding of the industry in...

Trust Estate
2 March 2020

A Look At Singapore’s New Variable Capital Company Regime

A new structure is now operating in Singapore: Variable Capital Companies. This article briefly...

Trust Estate
11 October 2019

JP Morgan Launches Singapore-Based Trust Company

The organisation is aiming to build its team and operations in Asia and the Middle East. ...

Trust Estate
12 September 2019

We Need To Talk About Inheritance - But Too Many Don't

Authors of a recent report discuss what deters families from discussing wealth with their offspring...

Trust Estate
22 April 2019

Singapore Insurer Erodes Taboo Over Death, Inheritance

For high net worth individuals and others who are reluctant to discuss death and succession...

Trust Estate
29 March 2019

Changing World Of Trusts, Wealth Structures - Withers

As part of a series examining the changing world of trusts and other structures, this publication...

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5 July 2021

VISTAS, PTCS and SPACs - What's In Singapore Advisors' Toolkits?

Wealth management is no stranger to an eye-watering number of acronymn entities that relate to...

Trust Estate
11 September 2019

WEALTH TALK: Focus On Communicating With NextGen Inheritors

The latest discussion of wealth industry topics. ...

Trust Estate
12 August 2019

Inheritance Mostly Overrated As A Source Of Wealth

Is inheritance given too much credit as a source of wealth and therefore do policymakers and...

Trust Estate
23 July 2019

The Importance of Planning in Wealth Succession - The View From Asia

Business and wealth transfer and succession issues are a big deal in Asia and this article provides...

Trust Estate
22 November 2018

Do Trusts Have A Future After CRS?

The author of this article ponders whether the trusts sector is going to fully survive the advent...

Trust Estate
2 November 2018

BOOK REVIEW: Freedom From Wealth By Charles Lowenhaupt

The founder of a wealth advisory business has written a book explaining how those who bestow and...