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WM Market Reports
17 October 2019

EXCLUSIVE: New Client Acquisition - Research Report

This news service and Finantix have teamed up to issue new research on the wealth management...

17 April 2019

The Bahamas Clear Choice Innovation, Expertise, Location, Regulation


Family Office
25 March 2019

Family Office Focus: Efficiency in Accounting and Investment Analysis - Research

This publication’s research arm has taken a deep dive into the key technological and operational...

WM Market Reports
25 October 2018

Good Client Reporting - Regulatory Burden Or Client Engagement Tool? - Research Report

Here is the latest research report from the publisher of this news service. ...

WM Market Reports
6 June 2018

The Future For External Asset Managers In Switzerland - A Snapshot For 2018

The publisher of this news service is proud to announce another research report. This study...

WM Market Reports
31 May 2018

New Research: Portfolio Management Efficiencies in Singapore

This publication has launched a new research report on Singapore's wealth and asset management...

WM Market Reports
16 May 2018

Technology & Operations Trends in Wealth Management 2018

A major report exploring technology and operations trends and survey findings is published today. ...

8 December 2017

Research – “Applying Artificial Intelligence in Wealth Management: Compelling Use Cases Across the Client Life Cycle”

Our new report, produced in partnership with Finantix and EY, cuts through all the hype about...

High Net Worth
6 December 2017

Winning Women: Key Insights for Wealth Firms Targeting Today's Dynamic Female Clients

New Research – “Winning Women: Key Insights for Wealth Firms Targeting Today’s Dynamic Female...

6 November 2017

NEW RESEARCH – Global Compliance, Innovation Trends In Wealth Management

The publisher of this news service has launched a major new research report on global compliance...