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Alt Investments
17 December 2013

GUEST OPINION: Investing In Film - Time For Another Take?

Kirsty Bell, partner of Nyman Libson Paul, explains how measures like better finance structures...

28 October 2013

Regulating European Markets - Where Operations And Compliance Merge

Jonathan Mott, managing consultant, and Tom Lucey, monitoring consultant, at Cordium, the...

Real Estate
16 September 2013

JP Morgan Private Bank On The Case For London's Real Estate

JP Morgan Private Bank sets out the case for why investing in London makes sense, even though...

Alt Investments
5 September 2013

Swiss Finance Institute On Finding A Better Gauge Of Credit Risk, Funding And Liquidity

This is one of a number of reports from academics associated with the Swiss Finance Institute, a...

29 August 2013

Guest Opinion: Guernsey - A Unique AIFMD Proposition


15 August 2013

GUEST ARTICLE: Getting A Better Handle On Investment Performance Through The Cloud

Wealth managers can use cloud computing systems in their quest to help clients check performance...

22 July 2013

Fact And Fiction About FATCA - What Firms Really Need To Do

Colin Camp, managing director of products and strategy at Dion Global Solution, sets out the facts...

Investment Strategies
3 July 2013

GUEST COMMENT: Will The Gold Divergence Last?

The force that have pushed gold prices to record highs in recent years are likely to end, according...

26 April 2013

What Is In Store For Switzerland's Markets? Asks Coutts


22 April 2013

The RDR Ripple Effect - Dion Global Solutions

The Retail Distribution Review programme of reforms to the UK financial advisory industry has been...

Client Affairs
14 March 2013

Guest Comment: No Need For A Magic Car To "Go Back To The Future" In Investment

In another look at the world of UK-based Enterprise Investment Trusts, this article, by John...

Client Affairs
1 March 2013

Guest Article: Avoiding Traps - What To Look For When Selecting A VCT

As the UK budget of 20 March approaches, this article by Puma Investments examines some of the...

8 January 2013

Getting The Wealth Business Balance Right From Back To Front - Citisoft

The following brief commentary on the outlook for 2013 in parts of the wealth management industry...

Asset Management
2 January 2013

Smart Steps To Running A Healthy Portfolio - Barclays


Family Office
3 December 2012

Guest Comment: Family Offices And The Merits Of Direct, Indirect Private Equity Investment

This article is by Charlotte Thorne at Capital Generation Partners, looking at the different ways...

Alt Investments
13 November 2012

Investing In Diamonds - Guidance From A Market Veteran

Buoyed by the appeal of "real assets", there is considerable interest in holding diamonds as part...

9 October 2012

Profile Software Commentary: Mobile Applications For Wealth Managers, Private Bankers


3 October 2012

Peer Funding Moves Towards The Mainstream

Sophie Coles, director of business development at Squirrl, the business-to-business peer funding...

14 September 2012

Why Hong Kong Is a Bridge To New Asian HNW Clients

April Rudin discusses why Hong Kong presents an ever more promising gateway to foreign firms...

30 August 2012

Guest Opinion: How The Financial Sector Must Act To Regain Trust

Nick Cann, director, at the Institute of Financial Planning, pulls no punches in this critique of...