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Latest Comment & Analysis

Practice Strategies
4 October 2022

Back To School: Summary Of Wealth Management-Related MBAs, Post-Grad Courses

Here is an updated list of various courses, mostly of postgraduate and MBA level, that are relevant to people pursuing or contemplating a career in wealth management. ...

Alt Investments
19 September 2022

Get Ready For More Assets To Be "Financialized"

We talk to a business using cryptocurrency and blockchain tools to make diamonds a more efficient commodity market, overcoming historic factors that have previously prevented this. So far, only 1 to 2 per cent o...

13 September 2022

Fossil Fuels And Transition: What's The Direction Of Travel?

A commentator on ESG and sustainability talks to this publication about the transition from fossil fuels – not necessarily a straightforward process, as suggested by the disruption to global energy markets cau...

29 August 2022

Asia Has Less Envy And More People Striving For Wealth

Social envy of wealth is much lower in parts of Asia than in many European nations – arguably a reflection of the ascent of a large and growing middle class in Asia. No wonder wealth managers are heading eastw...

Emerging Markets
15 August 2022

Crux Asset Management Eyes Indonesian Promise

We talk to an asset manager running Asia ex-Japan equities who argues that there is a strong and improving case for being overweight on Indonesia. ...

Family Business Insights
15 August 2022

Family Businesses And Succession Management In Asia

This news service recently interviewed consultancy Russell Reynolds Associates in Singapore about the work it does to guide families on business transfer, governance and related matters which are crucial when so...

Latest News

5 October 2022

Expat Japanese Digital Assets Entrepreneur Says Taxes Drove Him Out

Japan's tax regime is unfriendly to businesses in the digital assets space, such as tokenization, and needs to change, a businessman who now lives in the Netherlands has told this news service. ...

Alt Investments
5 October 2022

iCapital Ties The Knot With Another Investment Player

The rise of firms such as iCapital is part of a wider story of how investments such as private equity, private credit, real estate, infrastructure and venture capital have become more popular. Typically less liq...

M and A
5 October 2022

Investment House Buys Majority Stake In TrustQuay

Hg, an international investment house with a focus on tech, has bought the majority stake in TrustQuay from Silverfleet Capital. ...

5 October 2022

Hywin Holdings Becomes Sponsor For MENA Awards

We talk to the firm about its growing connections to the Middle East region and the forces encouraging clients to diversify. ...

4 October 2022

Digital Digest: The Latest Tech News – Finastra, Hong Kong

The latest digital and technology innovations, product and service developments in the world's wealth management sector. ...

Financial Results
4 October 2022

Credit Suisse's Shares Recover After Sag Over Financial Worries

In a memo to staff, Ulrich Koerner said there were many "factually inaccurate statements being made” in the press about the bank's financial situation. The CEO took the helm in August and has pledged to restru...