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31 August 2023

Learning The Legal Lessons From “Succession”

In this detailed analysis of legal questions generated by the HBO television drama, law firm Squire Patton Boggs walks readers around the issues. ...

Investment Strategies
22 August 2023

Value And Growth – Japan’s Promise And Performance

This news service recently talked to a UK-based investment house that concentrates on Japanese investments and the opportunities it sees building in the country. ...

Alt Investments
4 August 2023

How "Evergreen" Approach Wins Friends For Private Markets

There appears to be something of a trend towards "perpetual" or "evergreen" fund structures that are designed to surmount some of the obstacles for accessing more traditional forms of private market investing. ...

25 July 2023

Bringing Great Eye Vision To The Poor – A Hong Kong Philanthropist's Tale

Chen’s philanthropy journey throws light on an important aspect of charity that can be overlooked. And his story also highlights lessons that advisors can share with clients on the topic. ...

Company Profiles
7 July 2023

Monetary Metals Says Gold Yield Marketplace Fits Wealth Menus

Confounding the standard line that gold doesn't produce a yield, a business that uses gold to earn more of the metal argues that it fits into mainstream asset allocation and approaches to liquidity. We talk to M...

22 May 2023

BOOK REVIEW: In Defence Of Capitalism, By Rainer Zitelmann

While unlikely to sway those already hostile to the free market economic system, this book puts a stack of facts and figures in front of those who, perhaps because of their public roles in driving debate, could ...

Latest News

28 September 2023

Why Investors Should Consider Global Bonds – Payden & Rygel

London-based Nigel Jenkins, a managing director at Payden & Rygel, a New York-based global asset management firm, discusses why global bonds are attractive in 2023. ...

New Products
27 September 2023

SLM Partners Launch New Ag Fund 

SLM Partners, an asset manager, joins forces with Impact Ag Partners to create fund.  ...

Alt Investments
27 September 2023

Investors Stick With Private Markets Amid Chillier Conditions – Goldman Sachs Study

The study from the US firm examines what investors (limited partners) think about the outlook for private markets. A difficult period for the global economy has coincided with a fall in fundraising activity and ...

27 September 2023

OPINION OF THE WEEK: The Case For HNW Clients Having A "Chief Of Staff"

For the wealthiest families able to create an office, the job of taking care of the time-consuming chores of life, and providing backup services in emergencies, is part of the deal. For many HNW individuals unab...

Alt Investments
27 September 2023

Asia's Lion Global Investors Ex-CEO Joins AI Platform

The new business is an example of the kind of wealth management platform that uses artificial intelligence to manage investment and risk management. ...

People Moves
27 September 2023

Who's Moving Where In Wealth Management? – SMBC, Natixis

The latest moves and appointments for senior roles for Asia-Pacific wealth management. ...