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5 October 2022

Expat Japanese Digital Assets Entrepreneur Says Taxes Drove Him Out

Japan's tax regime is unfriendly to businesses in the digital assets space, such as tokenization,...

Alt Investments
5 October 2022

iCapital Ties The Knot With Another Investment Player

The rise of firms such as iCapital is part of a wider story of how investments such as private...

M and A
5 October 2022

Investment House Buys Majority Stake In TrustQuay

Hg, an international investment house with a focus on tech, has bought the majority stake in...

5 October 2022

Hywin Holdings Becomes Sponsor For MENA Awards

We talk to the firm about its growing connections to the Middle East region and the forces...

4 October 2022

Digital Digest: The Latest Tech News – Finastra, Hong Kong

The latest digital and technology innovations, product and service developments in the world's...

Financial Results
4 October 2022

Credit Suisse's Shares Recover After Sag Over Financial Worries

In a memo to staff, Ulrich Koerner said there were many "factually inaccurate statements being...

WM Market Reports
4 October 2022

Our Tenth Tech & Ops Trends Report

Here is our 2022 Technology and Operations Report, a regular overview of the trends affecting the...

People Moves
3 October 2022

BlackRock's China Arm Names New General Manager

The US asset management titan entered into a JV with China Construction Bank and Singapore's...

Alt Investments
3 October 2022

New Hedge Fund Launches Slide In Second Quarter As Markets Get Ugly

One of the standout features of the data is how macro strategies have performed strongly as funds...

Client Affairs
3 October 2022

BEA's China Unit Says Hasn't Defaulted On Wealth Products – Report

A report examines claims about wealth management products from the Chinese bank. ...

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Practice Strategies
4 October 2022

Back To School: Summary Of Wealth Management-Related MBAs, Post-Grad Courses

Here is an updated list of various courses, mostly of postgraduate and MBA level, that are relevant...

Alt Investments
19 September 2022

Get Ready For More Assets To Be "Financialized"

We talk to a business using cryptocurrency and blockchain tools to make diamonds a more efficient...

13 September 2022

Fossil Fuels And Transition: What's The Direction Of Travel?

A commentator on ESG and sustainability talks to this publication about the transition from fossil...

29 August 2022

Asia Has Less Envy And More People Striving For Wealth

Social envy of wealth is much lower in parts of Asia than in many European nations – arguably a...

Emerging Markets
15 August 2022

Crux Asset Management Eyes Indonesian Promise

We talk to an asset manager running Asia ex-Japan equities who argues that there is a strong and...

Family Business Insights
15 August 2022

Family Businesses And Succession Management In Asia

This news service recently interviewed consultancy Russell Reynolds Associates in Singapore about...

1 August 2022

Updated Forward Features For 2022-23

Here is the most recent forward features schedule, taking us to the end of 2022. ...

Wealth Strategies
27 July 2022

Forget Growth Vs Value: Why SuMi TRUST Won’t Dump Growth Stocks

The author of this article argues that, irrespective of whether a stock is in the value or growth...

15 July 2022

Greenwashing: How Big Is The Problem And How To Fix It?

With the rush of money into the area of "green" and ESG investing, a concern arises about how...

Investment Strategies
12 July 2022

Seeking A Sustained Asia Rebound Amid Rising Risks

PineBridge Investments asks what sort of market rebound in Asia is likely at a time of economic and...