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15 February 2024

PODCAST: UK Residency Planning – In Conversation With Standard Chartered

The UK-headquartered bank invited this publication's editor to discuss issues including the...

7 February 2024

Hong Kong Should Sweeten Incentives To Attract Firms, Family Offices - CPA Australia

The professional accounting body has urged Hong Kong's government to enact a range of tax and...

25 October 2023

Impose Global Minimum Tax On Rich People, Group Says

The proposals designed, so their authors say, to thwart evasion and forms of avoidance, raise...

14 July 2023

OPINION OF THE WEEK: There's Plenty Of Life Yet In Globalisation

I look at two broad moves on the global trade, data and tax front that ought to be of interest to...

16 February 2023

Singapore Eases Tax Rules On Overseas Donations

Tax changes to overseas donations have come into force in Singapore. ...

13 January 2023

Opinion Of The Week: UK's Non-Dom System Deserves Respect, Not Attacks

Countries such as Italy and Ireland have introduced equivalents to the UK's non-dom regime. Critics...

28 June 2022

Push For Global Minimum Corporate Tax Rate Hits A Wall

Critics say the idea of an internationally agreed minimum corporate tax rate amounts to a sort of...

8 June 2022

WEALTH TALK: Why UK's Non-Dom Regime Is Positive Force


26 April 2022

Changing US Tax Model Won't Damage Revenues – ACA

For decades, Americans living overseas have faced the headache of a worldwide tax filing regime...

11 April 2022

Commentaries: UK's Non-Dom Regime Doesn't Deserve Attacks

The UK's non-dom regime is in focus again because of the tax treatment of the Indian wife of Rishi...

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25 June 2021

Do The Super-Rich Really Only Pay A 3.4 Per Cent Tax Rate?

The group called ProPublica recently claimed that data on America's 25 richest people showed that...

27 May 2021

A Global Minimum Corporate Tax Rate - Smart Policy Or "Tax Cartel"?

Setting a global minimum corporate tax rate among major industrialised nations has the certain...

4 May 2020

Super-Rich Increasingly Under Attack Amid Coronavirus Crisis

What should ultra-high net worth individuals think and how should they act if coronavirus-driven...

25 February 2019

China's New Tax Regime - What Clients, Advisors Must Know

At the start of this year China introduced new controls affecting private individuals, such as...

20 December 2018

EDITORIAL COMMENT: Let's Have Consistency In How HNW Individuals Are Treated

The UK government reportedly favours high-earners and persons from certain countries under a new...

9 May 2018

Charting Tax, Trust Law Changes In Singapore

This article by legal experts runs through a series of recent legislative, legal and related...

21 June 2017

GUEST ARTICLE: A Walk Around The Common Reporting Standard

This article explores some of the issues that continue to arise from one of the most important...

22 February 2016

GUEST ARTICLE: How To Thrive In An Age Of Tax Transparency

International tax regimes proliferate - with all the delights of reporting and compliance...