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21 February 2024

Hedge Funds' Role In Mitigating Risks – UBS

UBS Global Wealth Management discusses hedge funds' performance in 2023 and the outlook for 2024,...

19 February 2024

Van Lanschot Kempen Favours Japanese Over US, European Equities In 2024

Joost van Leenders, senior investment strategist at Netherlands-headquartered wealth manager...

16 February 2024

OPINION OF THE WEEK: The New World Of Liquidity Events As IPOs Fade, Private Markets Grow

The editor examines the shifting structures of how companies are held and how the move towards...

15 February 2024

Increased Stimulus Measures Needed To Boost China’s Economy – Wealth Managers

After the start of Chinese New Year 2024 and China’s latest inflation data, wealth managers...

14 February 2024

2024 Asia-Pacific Market Outlook: Four Themes Investors Should Watch – PIMCO

Portfolio managers at US fixed income manager PIMCO, which has $1.74 trillion in AuM at the end of...

8 February 2024

Chinese New Year 2024: Focus On Investment Opportunities, Risks

At the start of Chinese New Year 2024, Chris Metcalfe, chief investment officer at UK asset manager...

6 February 2024

Diversification Key In Investors Portfolios In 2024 – Janus Henderson

Adam Hetts, global head of multi-asset, and Oliver Blackbourn, portfolio manager, at London-based...

31 January 2024

JP Morgan AM Enters New Zealand Partnership

The partnership puts together one of the world's largest asset managers, and a firm operating in...

29 January 2024

Exclusive: Brown Advisory Optimistic About Fixed Income In 2024

Ryan Myerberg, portfolio manager of the Global Sustainable Total Return Bond Fund at US-based...

25 January 2024

Investment Managers Weigh In On China’s Stock Market Rescue Package

After stock markets in China and Hong Kong slumped to multi-year lows this week, with confidence...

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16 February 2024

Singapore's Seviora Capital Intensifies Focus On Asian Food, Agriculture

Asia, which is home to 60 per cent of the world’s population, will need to produce more using...

22 May 2023

BOOK REVIEW: In Defence Of Capitalism, By Rainer Zitelmann

While unlikely to sway those already hostile to the free market economic system, this book puts a...

24 December 2021

Editorial Comment: Reflections On Another Turbulent Year, Looking Ahead

Some late-December musings about what the year has meant for the industry and thoughts about what...

24 May 2021

BOOK REVIEW: "Leave Me Alone And I'll Make You Rich" By Deirdre McCloskey And Art Carden

This book review considers a new work charting the sources of wealth in the developed world,...

20 January 2021

BOOK REVIEW: Free Lunch Thinking By Tom Bergin

A new book by a UK journalist challenges a number of economic ideas that he says have damaged...

13 October 2020

EDITORIAL COMMENT: We Need To Talk About Risks

This news service is looking at risk management and how and why the wealth industry should learn...

6 January 2020

"Feel Good" Or "Do Good": Unpacking ESG

A senior Swiss banking figure examines different ways of thinking through sustainable investing and...

23 September 2019

Why Reputation Management Matters: Lessons From The US Opioid Disaster

The continuing saga of the Sackler family raises the need for wealth managers to show they add...

4 September 2019

WEALTH TALK: Focus On Asia Partnerships; Portugal And Equities

Wealth management topics are discussed in this latest WEALTH TALK. ...

18 July 2019

WEALTH TALK: Focus On EAMs in Asia, Middle East Developments

In this latest discussion, we talk about issues in the Middle East and Asia. ...