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14 March 2023

White Paper Recommends How To Boost Hong Kong's Wealth Industry

A new white paper from an industry group and university examines the steps that Hong Kong must take...

White Papers
26 January 2022

What Should Family Offices Ask Their Lawyers – White Paper

The law firm has issued a new white paper series exploring the kind of points family offices should...

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22 December 2021

The Benefits Of "Seeding" Hedge Funds – Study

Prior to 2000, hedge funds were typically incubated within banks or seeded by wealthy individuals....

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18 August 2020

Wealth Firms Face Losing Millions in Digital Marketing Value In 2021

A new research report from this news service examines what wealth managers must do to protect their...

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21 June 2019

EDITOR'S CHOICE: Last Year's Equity Selloff Should Kill Industry Complacency - BCG

The BCG report that notes how firms must overhaul business models is the editor's choice article...

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29 May 2019

Julius Baer Charts Present, Future Japanese Wealth Drivers

The private bank has produced a white paper examining the changes it says are under way in Japan...

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12 November 2018

How Family Offices, Individuals Secure Privacy - Citi Private Bank

Privacy is under attack from official, private and criminal sources, and the private bank advises...

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28 September 2018

Tax Changes, Reforms Can Fuel Hong Kong Family Office Growth - Study

Hong Kong's potential as a wealth management hub can be further boosted by reforms to encourage...

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20 June 2017

Financial Advisors Need To Adjust Business To Attract Younger Clients - Report

The report was carried out by BNY Mellon's Pershing, which examined the decisions made by young...

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23 February 2016

Wealth Inequality Means We're Less Joyous Over Rising GDP - Study

In comments that are likely to fuel demands for tax redistribution, academics from the UK and US...

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3 February 2023

Achieving Digital Experience Goals With Technology

The author of this article – the second in a series – argues that even in difficult...

White Papers
17 September 2019

Understanding The Psychology Of The Super Rich

German academic and entrepreneur Rainer Zitelmann explores the psychology of wealth creators. ...

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8 August 2019

Views On Wealth: Why Most People Don't Admit They Envy Success

Wealthy people are under greater pressure in the era of the "one per cent" to justify what they...

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25 January 2017

Smart Strategies For Growth: A Study Of The UK Wealth Management Industry

Smart Strategies for Growth: A Study of the UK Wealth Management Industry has now been launched, a...