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13 January 2022

The ESG Phenomenon: Cerulli Associates, China

Developments in and around the ESG investment space. ...

Asset Management
27 July 2021

The ESG Phenomenon: Capital Group, Cerulli Associates

Developments and commentary in and around the ESG investment space. ...

Investment Strategies
18 December 2020

The ESG Phenomenon - Cerulli Associates

Developments and commentary in and around the ESG investment space. ...

Islamic Banking
30 June 2016

Shariah Funds Industry Struggling To Make Big Headway In Asia - Cerulli

After rising rapidly from a low base, Shariah-compliant investment funds may struggle for a while...

Asset Management
4 August 2015

Cerulli Asks Who Gains The Most From New China/Hong Kong Funds Regime?

Around a month after the launch of the Mutual Recognition of Funds regime went live between Hong...

Asset Management
4 May 2015

Online World Holds Key To Helping Drive India's Funds Market - Cerulli Associates

Online channels are likely to provide financial firms with an effective way to reach clients in the...

Asset Management
2 February 2015

Mixed Asset Funds Haven't Lost Their Appeal In Asia - Cerulli Associates

Enthusiasm for holding mixed-asset funds in Hong Kong and Singapore hasn’t disappeared even...

Fund Management
14 January 2015

There Won't Be A Rapid Cull Of "Zombie Funds" In China - Cerulli

There is unlikely to be a rush to terminate so-called “zombie” funds in China in the wake of...

Fund Management
1 December 2014

If Foreign Fund Firms Want To Succeed In Asia, Then Woo A Partner - Cerulli

With Asia lagging far behind other major regions in the use of mutual funds, research firm Cerulli...

Alt Investments
7 October 2014

Asian Life Insurers Seen Raising Alternatives Exposures - Cerulli Associates

Life insurers in Asia – excluding Japan – are keener on the idea of alternative investment...

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