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Alt Investments
9 November 2023

Macro Hedge Funds Set Hottest Pace In October – HFR

The firm said that these funds, which seek to profit from broad moves in economic events – as...

9 November 2023

SEBA Bank Secures Hong Kong Licence

The Swiss bank has been building an international strategy, and now operates from the Middle East,...

9 November 2023

OPINION OF THE WEEK: Despite The Hype, Wealth Firms Aren't (Yet) Rushing Into Cryptos

A survey says HNW people are interested in digital assets and cryptocurrencies but wealth managers...

Asset Management
8 November 2023

Giant Japanese Asset Manager Forms UK Pact

The Asia-headquartered business has agreed a strategic pact with a UK investment firm that...

New Office
8 November 2023

Ogier Sets Up Shop In Dubai

The move fits into a broader theme of international firms creating offices and obtaining licences...

Investment Strategies
8 November 2023

Japan: Can It Emerge From Decades-Long Deflation?

Inflation has returned to Japan and the approach of the central bank has sent the yen down to its...

Financial Results
8 November 2023

UBS's Third-Quarter Underlying Profits Dip, Reports Inflows

Yesterday, the wealth management powerhouse, still going through the process of integrating Credit...

Financial Results
7 November 2023

Wealth Fees Rise At DBS; Group Net Profit Increases

The group announced results that included the impact of its completed acquisition of retail banking...

People Moves
7 November 2023

Japan's SMBC Adds To Asia-Pacific Leadership

In one of the roles, the work involves providing bespoke debt solutions to clients including...

New Products
7 November 2023

What’s New In Investments, Funds? – Value Partners

The latest news in investment offerings, financial products and other services relative to wealth...

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22 March 2021

New Research: Wealth Tech Traps, As Told From The Front Line

WealthBriefing/Family Wealth Report and EY have joined forces to offer cutting-edge insights from...

5 March 2021

Updated Summary Of Banks', Wealth Managers' Financial Results - Q4, Full-Year 2020

Here is a summary of the major US banks' financial statements for the fourth quarter of 2020 and...

1 March 2021

Bitcoin: Legal Risks For Asia-Based Investors And Advisors 

A senior lawyer in Asia asks what sort of considerations investors should have in mind when buying...

Company Profiles
28 January 2021

Asia-Based HNW Investors Smile On Western Commercial Property

The firm says there is particular demand from clients, such as Asian HNW individuals and family...

Investment Strategies
22 January 2021

Japanese Equities Deserve Fresh Look

The Asia-focused asset management firm talks about the case for investors taking a new look at...

20 January 2021

BOOK REVIEW: Free Lunch Thinking By Tom Bergin

A new book by a UK journalist challenges a number of economic ideas that he says have damaged...

Fund Management
19 January 2021

Managers Hone 2021 Investment Opportunities

January is typically when fund managers post where opportunity is knocking in a year expected to...

Banking Crisis
24 December 2020

EDITORIAL COMMENT: How The Wealth Sector Fared During Pandemic Year

As we sign off ahead of the holiday, group editor Tom Burroughes looks back at an extraordinary 12...

Emerging Markets
22 December 2020

What Does India Have To Offer Investors In 2021?

As one of the world’s great emerging market economies, how should India figure in the portfolios...

Wealth Strategies
16 December 2020

WEALTH TALK: Focus On How HNW Investors Position In 2021

In this latest video we take a look at what the industry thinks investors should be doing next year...